What's new for you on XING?


24.11.2022: List of blocked members

From now on you can see your blocked members in the settings area under Privacy and unblock them if necessary.
If you were direct contacts at the time of blocking, you can send the unblocked person a contact request again.


From now on you can also share simple polls on your XING home page with your network to get their opinion about a specific topic. Ask a question (max. 150 Characters), offer up to 4 answering options (max 25 characters each) and set a period of up to 7 days after which the survey will end automatically. The participation is anonymus.

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If you are a ProJobs user you can now block companies in your ProJobs settings so their employees can not see:

    your jobseeker status.
    your job seeker criteria.
    your additional ProJobs details.

These settings can be found under Visibility exceptions. Here you also can block or unblock specific users that may have been blocked by your general visibility settings. With those settings you can idividually decide who is allowed see your ProJobs data.

The XING groups and events will be shut down in 2023. Here you can find more information:

Information about the shut down of XING Groups

Information about the shut down of XING Events

01.08.2022: The new messenger for the XING website: The roll-out of the new messenger for the XING website started today. The messenger has already been updated in our app (both for Android and iOS), now the web view follows. With the update comes a better user experience. In addition, the messenger now offers the option of marking chats as unread - a feature that many users have requested.

The XING Guide is now also moving to the web. The aim of the XING Guide is to provide useful tips, recommendations and hints for job life by actively getting into a dialogue with the members. If you do not want to receive any messages from the X Guide, you can temporarily or permanently deactivate the guide under "Settings" - "Privacy" - "Your activities" - "Your XING Guide".

For those who don't have the new messenger yet: don't worry, it will be rolled out step by step for all members.

29.04.2022 "You" now also available on the XING website: Like in our XING App, the "You" section is now also available on the website since this week. The "You" tab takes you to your profile, your contacts and to the Premium or ProJobs membership, if available. In the future, we will continue to add more features to this area.

07.03.2022 The new home page on the XING website:  You may have already noticed that your XING home page has now also changed on the XING website. These are the new features:

Your new home page wants to give you new impulses and inspiration - divided into updates from your network and recommendations. The content is shown in one vertical stream and the posts are sorted by relevance. So you can always directly see which posts from the network have been interacted with the most.

From now on, you will find posts from your contacts, articles from subscribed news sources, events, jobs and more in the "From your network" tab.

The "Recommendations" tab recommends content that you are not yet following. These are e.g. industry news and insider articles or posts that many users are talking about or that may be of interest to you.

In addition, we have some interesting modules such as "New connections" and "Familiar faces" (contact recommendations) and "Suggested articles" built in, through which you can swipe horizontally if you are interested.

We are gradually rolling out the start page to all members.

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