What's new for you on XING?


01.08.2023 Highlights for job ads

We now show you in the job search or in job recommendations which highlights a job ad offers you. For example, whether a job offers advantages such as working from home, flexible working hours, coaching or company pension schemes. You can also see whether you could be one of the first applicants or if you can easily apply for a job with your XING profile. Simply look out for the purple highlights.

Not looking for a job at the moment? Now you can automatically decline job offers that you receive via XING message and show recruiters that you are currently not interested. Simply click on the cogwheel in your XING mailbox or use the following link: https://www.xing.com/chats/settings. Here you can activate the option "Decline job offers". Recruiters now will automatically be informed after 5 days that you are not interested in their job offer if you do not respond.

A professional CV boosts your chances of landing your dream job. We offer customisable templates on Lebenslauf.com to help you create your own CV. Add your personal details, what you studied, your professional experience and your skills to tell recruiters about yourself.

XING e-Learning is a digital offering that will help you to develop yourself in and find guidance for your working life. It contains interactive courses as well as podcasts and articles on interesting topics. You can take any available courses when and how you like, and enjoy the many courses on offer.

You’ll find XING e-Learning in the You section of the XING website or app. You can also access XING e-Learning via this link.

10.05.2023: Templates for messages

In XING messages you can now choose from predefined templates to answer incoming messages or to get in touch with other users. This makes it easier to answer frequently asked questions or to get in touch with potential customers. Simply click on the plus icon in a message to choose from your templates. You can create up to 20 individual templates. Just click on a template to use it, make any adjustments you need, then submit.

31.03.2023 Identify and filter recruiter chats

From now on you can easily find out if you have received a message from a recruiter by an additional recruiter label. In order to look up recruiter messages, there also is now a special filter that hides all other messages. This allows you to react much faster to job offers from headhunters.

10.03.2023 Job Satisfaction Check

Find out if you are really satisfied with your current job with some questions about fulfilment, values, development and salary. It only takes a few minutes and may change your job life. You can find this check in the You section.

01.03.2023 Dark Mode now also available for XING android app

With the current version of the XING app, we now also provide a dark mode. If you activate dark mode in the Android display settings, the XING app will also be displayed in this mode from now on. We also offer this feature for iOS users already.

23.02.2023 Salary forecasts in job ads now available for all XING members

In the XING job section salary information or salary forecasts are now visible to all users. In the past this was a premium feature.

10.01.2023 New filters in the XING job search

You are looking for a job and you would like to know if companies offer a great working atmosphere or special benefits, such as flexible working hours, health measures, dogs in the office or childcare? Use the new filters Working atmosphere and Employee perks in the XING job search and find employers that suit you.

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