Community Guidelines


We want to foster mutual respect so everyone feels welcome on XING. That’s why we provide a netiquette, a set of guidelines for you to follow when messaging people and writing posts and comments:


Your profile

A complete profile allows people to find out more about you and your interests.

  1. Upload a photo you like where you’re easy to recognize.
  2. Add your current and past professional experience. It’s a good idea to keep this information up to date over time.
  3. Fill in your skills, interests & hobbies so people can see what you’re all about.

Personalised contact requests

Are you a Premium member? Great! You can send personalised contact requests that let recipients know why you’d like to connect.

When receiving contact requests, please bear in mind that basic members can’t add a message so they’re not being impolite by not writing anything when asking to connect with you.

You can always ask someone why they want to connect with you if you’re not sure whether or not to accept their contact request. Depending on their answer, you can accept or decline the request.

If you feel like someone is pestering you, you can report their message as spam or abuse.


Direct messages

When messaging people, please keep it friendly and respectful. Try and be as clear as possible in your communication to avoid misunderstandings. It’s also important to give people time to answer – they may have other things going on that have priority. Finally, you should avoid any kind of content that violates our GTC.

If you’d like to send someone information about products or services you offer, make sure they may be interested first. By contrast, if you’re not happy with messages you receive, you can report them in the messenger.

Above all else – XING is not a dating platform.


Status updates

Status updates are a great way to keep contacts and other members in the loop. Share your thoughts, photos or links you think people will find interesting.


Respectful posts and comments

There are lots of ways for you to engage and interact on XING. You can post status updates or comment on news articles. All we ask is that you keep things civil, even if you disagree with other people’s opinions.

By the way, depending on your privacy settings, non-members can find your posts via search engines.


Please avoid the following when networking on XING:

  • Spam
  • Insults
  • Defamation
  • Disrespectful interactions with third parties
  • Publishing third-party personal data
  • Flirting or salacious interactions

If you have any questions about our netiquette, feel free to get in touch via our contact form

FAQ ID: 686