Log-in problems


Please note that we can only verify our users via our website!

Click on the following link to gain authorisation to change your login details.


Please then follow the steps on you screen.


In many cases the following tips will help you access your account again:

1. Are you using the e-mail address you activated to log in to your profile and receive notifications?

You can only log in using either the e-mail address you saved in your account for logging in and receiving notifications, or with your personal username.

If you can no longer access this address, you can still log in with your password. Once you’ve successfully logged in you can then update your e-mail address.

With "gmail.com" and "googlemail.com" please make sure you enter your XING address exactly the same way it is saved in your XING profile.


2. You didn’t receive the confirmation link for your new password or login e-mail address?  

Please check the spam/junk folder of your inbox to see if our e-mail has ended up there by mistake. If you use Gmail, our e-mail might have ended up in your Social tab. Otherwise you should check to see whether your inbox is full as this will prevent you from receiving new e-mails.

You can change your e-mail address for logging in and for notifications in the logged in profile here: https://www.xing.com/settings/account

Follow the steps under "E-mail settings". Please don’t log out to confirm the new e-mail address!


3. Have you already deleted your cookies/cache? Do you have the latest version of your browser? Have you deleted old saved passwords?

If you think you’ve entered both your e-mail address and your password correctly, it’s possible that outdated files are saved in your cookies. In this case it is worth deleted the dedicated XING cookie in your browser settings.

Please make sure you're running a current version of your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome). You should also try using a different browser to see if the problem occurs there as well.

Most browser-related problems can be solved by deleting the cache and/or cookies.

You should also delete any old saved passwords in your browser settings and deactivate any installed add-ons.


None of that worked?

If that's the case, please get in touch with us via the contact form and include as detailed as description as possible. Thanks!

FAQ ID: 681