Temporary deactivation


We offer the option of deactivating your profile for a certain amount of time and would like to provide you with a bit more information about this.

Will I be able to use my profile while it's deactivated?

-        You won't be able to use your profile at all while it's deactivated.

Will my contacts be informed and can I still be found?

-        Other members will not be informed of your profile deactivation
-        Your profile can't be found while it's deactivated
-        All of your features, messages and contacts will be restored once your profile is reactivated

For Premium users: What will happen to my Premium membership while my profile is deactivated?

-        Your Premium membership will be put on hold
-        After reactivation, we will credit your unused Premium days to your account
-        Pending invoices still apply

Can I be found in search engines?

-        If you allowed search engines to find your profile in your settings, you will still be found. However, anyone who clicks on the search result will receive an error message.
-        If you don't want this to happen, we recommend you deactivate this option in your settings via the following link:


-        Please note that the Google entry will not be immediately deleted and your profile will remain in the search engine provider's cache. It may take a little while until this cache is updated and we don't have any influence over this.

If you'd like us to temporarily deactivate your profile, please contact us: XING Support team.
Please keep in mind that due to the large number of members we have, we can't temporarily deactivate your profile on specific dates. Please contact us in good time so we can make sure your profile is temporarily deactivated when you need it to be.

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