Data disclosure report – Your personal data saved on XING


It is now very easy to gain access to information about which of your data is saved on XING.

Log in to XING and go to your Settings. Then select the Privacy tab. Select the option to request a data disclosure report. You can then enter your XING password to request access to your data archive.

Alternatively you can simply click here.

Important: Compiling the report of your saved data may take a little time, depending on the amount of data involved.

We will send you an e-mail as soon as your data disclosure report is available. Please contact us if you haven’t received an e-mail within seven days.

Once it’s available you can download your personal data archive as a zip file.

After you have downloaded your ZIP file in the settings: 

  • On Mac OS, simply double-click the file. 
  • On Windows, right-click the file and select ‘Extract All’ and follow the instructions. 
  • Linux users we congratulate on their operating system choice and invite them to contact XING Customer Support directly in case they have questions about opening their ZIP file.

Finally, in the decompressed folder open index.html in a web browser. You can then page through your data using the navigation menu.

On mobile operating systems you may need a separate app to unzip your archive. Your device’s security settings may also block moving from one page to the other inside a web browser. 

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