Temporary deactivation


How to deactivate your profile for a certain period of time:

Go to Settings > Member account > Deactivate profile or just click here.

Next you can select how long you’d like to deactivate your profile for and click on continue. Please read the information that follows and confirm that you’ve read it.

Finally, you’ll need to enter your password to confirm your profile deactivation.

If you’d like to reactivate your profile sooner, just log-in as usual in your account.
Please confirm the reactivation with your password.

General informations:

Your contacts won’t be informed of this change, and you won’t receive any messages while your profile is deactivated. You should also be aware that other members won’t be able to find your profile until you reactivate it.

What will happen to my Premium membership while my profile is deactivated?

Your Premium membership will be paused while your profile is deactivated. Once you reactivate your profile, your Premium membership will continue to run. Please note that you’re still required to settle any due membership fees.

Have you made your profile visible to search engines? If so, it will take a little while for the respective search engine operator to remove your entry there.

To view your privacy settings on XING, visit https://www.xing.com/settings/privacy/profile/findability

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