What e-mails will I receive from XING?


Upon registration XING sends you an e-mail to confirm your e-mail address and another e-mail to welcome you on XING.

Depending on your settings, as a XING member you may receive notifications in the following situations:

  • When a XING member sends you a message via XING. The message itself will be included in the notification e-mail.
  • When you receive a contact request from a XING member
  • When a person you have invited to XING signs up
  • If you are a XING Jobs user: When there is an important update regarding your XING Jobs account
  • The weekly XING newsletter including your personal statistics and useful tips
  • Birthday reminders (Premium feature)
  • Information regarding XING offers and interesting XING features

Please note: You can also manage your notifications, newsletters and offers by going to "Notifications" under your "Settings”. XING never shares your e-mail address with third parties. Read our Privacy policy to find out more about the safety of your data on XING.

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