XING e-Learning


XING e-Learning is a digital offering from XING that will help you to develop yourself in and find guidance for your working life. It contains interactive courses as well as podcasts and articles on interesting topics. You can take any available courses when and how you like, and enjoy the many courses on offer.

XING e-Learning is here to help you develop further in your working life. If you’ve started a new job and want to fill in a few knowledge gaps for the role, or are looking for a new job and would like grow your skillset, we have the courses to suit your needs.

You’ll find XING e-Learning in the Premium section of the XING website or app. 

You can also access XING e-Learning via this link

We’d like to offer all our members the chance to develop themselves and to benefit from our courses. That’s why we’ve created XING e-Learning Essentials for our basic members which provides many short courses on specialist topics, content from XING and NEW WORK SE, and playlists for those who want to embark on a learning journey.

Premium members will have access to the entire catalogue of XING e-Learning courses.

Cornerstone is a learning technology company we’ve partnered with to bring you XING e-Learning.

With over 100 million users in 180 countries, Cornerstone brings over 20 years of e-Learning experience for you to use on our new platform.

We share only the data that is strictly necessary in accordance with the GDPR. This means that Cornerstone will only be given information that allows you to use the learning software. And don’t worry, Cornerstone won’t be sharing your data with anyone else, not even for advertising purposes.

You can contact our customer support team anytime with questions or comments via our contact form.

FAQ ID: 68302