Reports on XING


The function to report content on XING can be found directly at the respective content.
We manually check all reports we receive and see whether the content is permitted on XING.
Our review is based on applicable law, our terms and conditions and the Community Guidelines.
We ask for your understanding that we do not always communicate the results of our review at this time.

However, here is an overview of frequently occurring questions:

When we receive a report about a fake profile, we apply a set of criteria to review the profile and then decide whether it can stay online or should be removed.
If you reported a profile that’s still online, we may not have found sufficient reason to remove it.

If you reported a profile because the information there is incorrect (e.g. non-applicable job title), we may contact the member first to resolve the situation.


When we receive a report about a post or comment, we review it in line with the law, our GTC and our Community Guidelines.
If you report content that isn’t subsequently removed, it’s because we don’t consider it to be in violation of any of the above points. However, this doesn’t mean that we agree with the content – it simply means we’re upholding people’s basic right to free speech.

By the way, when reporting content, please be as specific as possible about what you’re reporting, e.g. by providing a time stamp if it’s a video.

Ads displayed on our platform have a ‘sponsored’ label and are reviewed before they’re posted to make sure they’re in line with our advertising code (in German).
Ads are an integral part of our business model, and this extends to Premium members.

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