What are news pages?


XING offers content partners the option to post articles on their own news pages. These news pages are managed and run by journalistic media brands who can share their own or third-party content. Articles posted on a news page will automatically appear in the news feed of every XING member following that respective news page. This allows our members to compile their own news stream so that they can build up their knowledge on various subjects.

Why should I have a news page on XING and how do I get one?

Our news pages are for journalistic offerings geared towards offering daily news. This is the criterion we apply when deciding who can create a news page. In line with this, news pages are not available to private individuals.

By showcasing your brand and content on the largest online business network in German-speaking countries, you'll reach business professionals with a keen interest in your content. You can provide followers with news that matches their profile entries and offers with a level of detail in keeping with your brand.

Your articles will reach a target group that likes to read interesting content and get involved in discussions on XING to find out more about subjects relevant to their job and general interests.


If you'd like to create a news page and meet the necessary criterion, please get in touch with us via our contact form.


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