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Send attachments

You can easily send an attachment with a presentation, a picture or another file with a XING message. There is a limit of 100 MB per message. Your account has a storage limit of 1,5 GB per month if you are a premium member (basic members max. 100 MB).

It is not possible to send a text together with an attachment. These can only be sent one after the other. In the XING apps for iOS and Android you can only receive but not send attachments.

Allowed formats are: pdf, doc (Word), docx (Word), txt (Text), rtf (Rich Text), xls (Excel), xlsx (Excel), ppt (Powerpoint), ppt (Powerpoint), jpg (Image), jpeg (Image), png (Image), bmp (Image), gif (Image), tif (Image), tiff (Image), psd (Photoshop), ai (Illustrator), indd (In Design). Sending executable files such as .EXE-files is not allowed.

Sending attachments via XING is much more secure than sending them by e-mail as they're only stored on XING servers in Europe. The entire XING platform is also covered by SSL encryption, meaning that your attachments are also encrypted when sent. All that is actually sent is a link. Nevertheless, we recommend you use anti-virus software to scan any files you receive.

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