Billing per click or per 1,000 impressions – which should I choose?


That depends on what’s more important to you: that your ad is seen often or that it is clicked on frequently. The main objective of placing an ad is not always to generate as many clicks as possible on the ad or the content advertised in it. It might be more important that the ad is seen by as many users as possible, e.g. to increase brand awareness. That’s why you can choose between two different billing methods when placing an ad using the XING AdManager:

Payment per click: With this billing method, costs are only incurred if and when the ad you placed is actually clicked on. The number of times your ad is displayed is not relevant to the cost. This method is chosen for ads aimed at resulting in a conversion – for example, a purchase placed in the online shop of an advertised website or lead generation.

Payment per 1,000 impressions: This billing method involves a fixed price for 1,000 impressions. You should opt for this billing method if clicks on the advertised content aren’t relevant to you or if you assume that the ad will be clicked on so often that billing per click would be more expensive than billing per impressions.

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