Modify your job preferences


Are you looking for a job or open to offers? Great! Then you should check out and set your job preferences in your XING profile. That way, recruiters can instantly see what kind of job you’re looking for and send you matching vacancies.


Your job preferences consist of 3 main areas:

1.) Jobseeker status: Choose between ‘Actively looking for a job’, ‘Not looking for a job but open to offers’, or ‘Not interested right now’. This lets recruiters know whether you’re interested in a change of job and, if so, what kind of role you’re looking for.

2.) Job preferences: Here you can go into more detail about the kind of job you’re interested in. Set your preferred job titles, industries, cities and more. The more information you provide here, the better matching job offers you’ll receive from recruiters.


You can set the following preferences:

Cities: Add up to 3 cities where you’re willing to work, including the radius from those cities if that’s an option for you.

You can also set whether you’re willing to travel, and how often.

Discipline: Are you interested in project management, HR roles or something else? Pick the discipline you want to work in.

Job titles: Add one or more job titles you’re interested in.

To receive better recommendations in XING Jobs, we suggest removing any recommendations you find unsuitable.

Home Office: How would you like to work in the future? No matter whether you want to work only in the office, 100% from home or perhaps in a hybrid model, you can clearly state your preferences to recruiters in this category as well.

Career level: Choose what level of seniority you’d like to have in your new role. You can select minimum and maximum levels to receive offers within that range.

Salary expectations: Let recruiters know how much you expect to earn in your new role.

Weekly working hours: Pick the working hours that suit you and your lifestyle.

Industries: Select up to 3 industries you’re interested in working in.

Employers: Specify any companies you’d really like to work for. This will boost your chances of them seeing your profile and considering you for their vacancies.


3.) Recruiter visibility: Enter the names of companies whose recruiters you want to block from seeing your job preferences. Your current employer is automatically blocked.

Once you’ve set your job preferences, you can let the recruiters come to you with great job offers.

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