Making the most effective use of ProJobs ...


Here are some ways you can make the most of your ProJobs membership:

  1. Keep your XING profile up to date and make sure all your relevant professional experience and qualifications are included. We’ve put together a summary about maintaining profiles here. A profile that contains a lot of information will appear higher up in search results than an empty profile.
  2. Change your jobseeker status in the ProJobs settings to "I'm looking for a job" so that recruiters can see that you are actively seeking a new position. You can also specify here in the visibility settings who is permitted to access this status and the information about your professional plans and aspirations.
  3. Under Define jobseeker criteria you should try to state as precisely as possible what position you are looking for so that recruiters can send you job listings that are of genuine interest to you. You should also take the time to add information to your XING profile under Fill in your CV including staff, budget and revenue responsibility, positions held, projects and successes. If you have documents attesting to your knowledge and skill set (e.g. diplomas, certificates, etc.) you can include these by clicking on Upload files.
  4. Take advantage the helpful tips provided by our partner "Die Bewerbungsschreiber" when it comes to keeping your XING profile or CV up to date so that you can present yourself in a professional way. As a ProJobs member can can have your CV reviewed on a one-time basis free of charge. You can find this service in the ProJobs Tab.
  5. Contact with a selected number of recruiters. Under the ProJobs Tab we feature three recruiters a month who match your jobseeker criteria and who you might want to indicate your general interest to so that their attention is drawn to your profile.
  6. As a ProJobs member you can also view job ads under XING Jobs posted by headhunters with an annual salary upwards of € 50,000 when looking for a suitable job opening. These are marked with a "ProJobs" logo and cannot be accessed by basic and Premium members. By setting up a search alert you can also have job ads that match your profile automatically sent to you.


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