How do I indicate I’m on parental or extended leave on my XING profile?


XING doesn’t offer a special feature for indicating you’re on parential leave or any other extended period of leave from your job. You can inform people about this though with an entry under your professional experience:

  1. Go to your profile by clicking on the small profile photo in the top left of XING.
  2. Scroll down to Timeline.
  3. Create a new professional entry by clicking on the plus icon and including the following information as you see fit:
  • Position = e.g: mother, pensioner, traveller, sabbatical, etc.
  • Job type = e.g. freelancer, part-time employee, etc.
  • Industry = Other
  • Company = e.g. your name, family, parental leave, retirement, sabbatical abroad, etc.
  • Duration

These fields are mandatory. You can also add information in the free text fields "Position" and "Company", or two dashes if you don’t want to provide any more details.


Before you save your entry, don’t forget to check the "Display this position in your business card" box.

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