Are there rules for posting comments on XING News?


XING News is a great place to exchange different viewpoints. Therefore, we encourage readers to comment on articles. Before you do, please make sure you follow our GTC as well as the following rules:

1. Be polite. Lively and enthusiastic discussions are interesting, but sometimes emotions can get in the way. The editorial team of XING News wants to ensure that every participant of the discussion feels at ease. Please don't make any comments pertaining to an individual's character or behaviour. Our team reserves the right to delete comments without prior warning if they contain insults, discriminatory remarks, or defamations. This includes implicit references (e.g. links, quotations).

2. Make sure it's an open discussion. We want XING News authors, readers, and commentators to enjoy the debates and discussions. If a discussions suffers from two members exchanging a private conversation or argument, we may ask those members to stop this exchange and to continue their conversation outside of the debate, e.g. with private messages.

3. Problems? Talk to us. If there is an issue with a member, we will approach them in private. Please act accordingly and refrain from commenting publicly about decisions by the moderators you do or don't agree with, conflicts with other people or questions that are not related to the debate. If there's anything you'd like us to know, we'd love to hear from you: Just write to news_xing(at)

4. Stick to the topic. Posts that digress from the original topic make it harder for the debate to progress. We reserve the right to delete posts that don't seem to have any connection to the original topic. If you have questions about a deleted post, feel free to ask: news_xing(at)

5. Show respect. XING News debates are great to share a whole of viewpoints and to enhance one's own perspective. Please avoid any comments that inhibit an open discussion: Use this place to learn rather than to evangelize. We reserve the right to delete comments that violate this principle. If you have questions about a deleted post, feel free to ask: news_xing(at)

6. Play ball. If you violate XING's GTC or any of the rules you see here, we may delete the corresponding comment and, in extreme cases, disable your possibility to comment on articles.

7. No ads, please. XING News debates are a space for dialogue and debate among XING members. It's not a sales platform, and ads of any kind are not welcome. You may include links to blogs and websites in your comments if they pertain to the topic of the discussion. If you add a link, make sure you describe its contents, too.

8. It's about the topic, not about you. We want to enable constructive discussions about a debate or an article. It's not about the people who write or comment on them but about the viewpoints and statements expressed in the article and its comments. Please refrain from any judgmental remarks about individuals.

Also, don't use this platform to push your own agenda, e.g. promote yourself or your products / services, try to evangelize others, or deliberately provoke other members. It will only lead to conflicts.

If the editorial team gets the impression that someone is persistently trying to push their own agenda, it reserves the right to deny this person the right to write any more posts, either temporarily or permanently. The person will still be able to read articles and comments unless there are reasons to deny this, too.

Please note that your posts or quotations on XING News may be published on other websites such as social media pages of XING, or marketing related websites.

We trust that questions and issues regarding the debates will be resolved by the members of the discussion. If you feel that the editorial team should get involved, please get in touch: news_xing(at)


Thank you for following these rules and for contributing to a culture of mutual respect on XING News. We hope you have a good time commenting and discussing!

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