Manage or unsubscribe XING newsletters


If you don't want to receive newsletters or other e-mails from XING please go to your Notification settings, where you can decide which e-mails from XING are relevant for you.

On the XING website you can reach the notification settings as follows:

  1. Click on your profile photo at the top right of the website.
  2. Choose settings*.
  3. Click notifications.
  4. Choose e-mail notifications.
  5. Now you can decide which notifications you want to receive.

(*In the XING app use the More button to access the XING settings.)



To unsubscribe from the weekly newsletter click on Get more out of XING and deactivate the option Personal statistics.



To unsubscribe from the industry newsletter that we send out daily please click on Your news feeds and deactivate the shown options.

Like your XING account also your settings are protected by your XING password. In case you forgot your XING password please click here: Reset password

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