What is the simplest way to let my network know about my news?


You can share a message or a link with your contacts on the XING startpage:

  1. Click on Home.
  2. Click in the What's new with you? field on top of the page.
  3. Write your message (max. 1000 characters) in the entry field. Additionally you can also upload up to 10 images which are shown with your message.
  4. Click Post.

    Want to see what the shared post looks like? Then click on the You menu item, scroll down a little and select Your posts.

    Some of youe activities on XING willl be shared as an update on the startpage automatically. For example profile changes or new contacts. Go to the privacy settings to manage these settings under Activity and Network news updates.

    The following information will never been shown to your network:

    • Your XING messages
    • Unconfirmed contact requests (sent and received)
    • Deleted contacts and declined contact requests
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