Find interesting contacts


You have several options available to grow your network with XING:


Member search

Use the member search to look for interesting XING members, colleagues or friends. If you are a premium member you can use the advanced member search which allows you to search individual profile fields.


Suggestions from XING

If you go to the Your Network section, we'll show you some members you may know. To delete recommendations simply hover over the member with the cursor and then click on the X button.


The contact list of your contacts

You recently added someone from a specific company or industry to your contacts and would like to network with similar members? Then take a look at the contact list of your new contact. It is very likely that he or she already has similar contacts that you can network with as well. You can also do the same with non-contacts. The prerequisite is, of course, that the person hasn't hidden its contact list.


Ask your network

Most likely, your network knows members who can help you with certain matters. So just ask it with a post on the home page.


Discussions in the news section

In the XING news section you will find articles from various news sources and on a wide variety of topics, which users can discuss in the comment area. Here, you might also find interesting contacts.

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