XING Premium membership benefits


XING Premium membership offers you a wide range of benefits to help you network on XING, see who visited your profile, deliver exclusive updates, stats, and tips on how to boost visibility, and of course the full set of Premium perks.

Here’s an overview of what you get with XING Premium:

  • See full profile visitor details, including details of how they found your profile, and when and how often they visited it
  • Showcase your top skills so people can see what you’re really good at, and a digital business card
  • Browse tips to optimise your profile, and get statistics about your skills to hone your profile and make it easier for people to find you
  • Foster more personal contact thanks to 5 messages you can send to non-contacts each month
  • Prepare yourself for your next salary appraisal thanks to salary forecasts for a wide range of jobs, with vacancies filtered by the salary on offer
  • Discover your strengths thanks to our new personal strengths test
  • Professionalise your profile with a free photo session
  • Grow your skill set thanks to our e-learning offerings
  • Extend your knowledge with free access to all Harvard Business Manager News Plus articles (in German)
  • Enjoy the XING Premium perks with exclusive offerings from select partners





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