I’ve deleted my XING profile but it’s still visible on Google


When you become a XING member, the setting allowing non-members and search engines to find your XING profile is activated by default. We refer to this in our Privacy Policy, which you have to accept when registering. You can change this setting at any time though, simply by going to your privacy settings.

If a XING profile is still shown on Google or other search engines after being deleted this is due to the fact that the profile page is still saved in the search engine operator’s cache. If you click on the search result an error message will appear stating that the page you want to view no longer exists. It usually takes several days until the search engine operators detect that a profile has been deleted and, in turn, remove it from their database. XING has no influence over this. If you have any questions, please contact the search engine operator still featuring your profile details directly.

Please note: As well as search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, there are also so-called people search engines (e.g. 123people.de, Yasni.de, Radaris.de, dastelefonbuch.de) that collect, save and feature public profile details sourced from social networks. These are also included in Google search results even if the XING profile might have been deleted a long time ago. If you want your profile details deleted you’ll have to contact the operator of the people search engine directly.

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