Create a CV or cover letter with your XING profile

Answer is a quick and easy way to create a personal CV based on the information in your XING profile (please note: this website is offered in german language only). Go to and click on Daten übernehmen, then on Aus dem XING-Profil.


A layouted CV will then appear with the details from your XING profile in each of the corresponding fields. You can then add information to this CV, adjust the design, etc. When you have finished your CV you can then download it as a PDF file. It is also possible to create an application cover letter using To do so simply click on Anschreiben and confirm by clicking on Ja, Anschreiben hinzufügen.

Even if you’re not a XING member, you can create a CV and/or application documents at using our templates. You will then be asked to register with XING to download your documents. This is not possible without a XING profile.

Where can I find the CVs I created in the past on

Simply click on the button Meine Dokumente on and log in with your XING credentials. After you have done that you will find your CV or, if you have created more than one CV, a list of your documents.

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