Why can’t I log in to the XING app?


You can log in to the XING app using the same login details as for the standard website.

If you find you can’t log in to the XING app, please try the following:

  • Restart your smartphone or tablet.
  • Check the keyboard settings for your smartphone/tablet.
  • Uninstall the XING app from your device, then download it from the app store again and reinstall it (Apple App Store / Google Play Store).  
  • Check whether it is possible to log in using your username instead of your e-mail address (or vice versa).
  • If you’re using an iPhone/iPad: make sure that the XING app has access to your mobile internet connection when not using WLAN.
  • Log in to XING on your PC and change your password and/or username in the settings (https://www.xing.com/app/settings). Please make sure you don’t include any spaces, @ signs or colons in your username.
  • If you are having general problems accessing your XING account, please request new login details here: https://login.xing.com/recovery.
FAQ ID: 67564