How do I promote my Business Page?

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How do I promote my Business Page?

You can use the AdManager to advertise your Business Page to a specific target group of your choosing. Please note that only the person who created your page can create ads for it. We’d also advise you only to start promoting your page once all the following content is in place:

  • Include a legal notice. The "About us" section is a good place to do this.
  • Add information about your products and services, ideally with photos. (Please don’t include details about your company as an employer here. Your Employer Branding Profile is the place for that.)
  • Add a logo and a background image.
  • Include details of a contact person. This will make it easier for visitors to get in touch.
  • Include documents for download, if you wish.

Once all your content is in place, you can begin advertising your Business Page. Simply click here on "Create ad" in the administration section. You’ll be forwarded to the AdManager where you can select a target group and create your ad. If you’re a Business Page Professional you’ll have a monthly credit of 50 euros waiting for you with your XING ad account in the AdManager. This credit cannot be exchanged for cash.

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