How to block a member


We offer our members the opportunity to block unwanted visitors to their profile by using the "block this user" function.

We would like to give you some additional information when using this feature. Your profile information will still be foundable by the blocked person in the search, but a mechanism is in place to prevent the viewing of your profile to the blocked user. This allows your data from the "blocked" person to no longer be viewed.

Please note that only members that are not your direct contacts can be blocked.

To make the appropriate setting, proceed as follows:

- Click the profile of the member you wish to block
- On the right side next to Add this user you will see three dots [...] -
- Afterwards select Block this user from the menu

You are then asked if you really want to block this user, you must then confirm that you wish to block this user by clicking the Block this user.


FAQ ID: 696