Changing the name of my free employer profile


It isn’t possible to change the name of an existing free employer profile. There is a way however to create a profile with your new company name:

  1. Adjust the company name under professional experience in your personal XING profile.
  2. Then apply for a free profile. To do this, click on Companies in the left-hand navigation bar.
  3. You will then see For employers: Create an employer profile to the top right in the green box.
  4. On the next page, click on the Create free profile button on the right.

Important: We can either merge the old profile with the newly created company profile or delete it. To do this, please e-mail us the respective link at ebp(at) Please note that the content and news in free employer profiles will not be included when two profiles are merged into one. Only the lists of employees and subscribers will be transferred to the main profile.

Exception: If you’d like to change the name of your paid Employer Branding Profile, please send your request to

FAQ ID: 67882