The XING platform isn't working properly - what can I do?


This might well be down to that fact that…

  • The temporary Internet files in your browser haven't been deleted for a while. You can find a manual for the latest browser versions here.
  • You don’t use the latest version of your browser. Please check if you can update your browser. Please note that we don't support the Internet Explorer 11 anymore.
  • There are temporary problems with a particular browser. It is then worth trying out another browser in the meantime. (we recommend Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari)
  • Add-ons or plugins are installed on your browser (such as advertising and Pop-up blockers or JavaScript blockers). Please deactivate or deinstall such plugins in the browser settings.

Are you still having problems? Get in touch via the contact form and include the following information:

  • Exact description of the error occurring
  • Which browser do you use? (e.g. Mozilla Firefox 92)
  • Which operating system do you use? (e.g. Windows 10 / Apple OSX 10.15.4)
FAQ ID: 11982