What makes a good profile?


Your XING profile is your online business card. We recommend you complete all your entries carefully and update information on a regular basis. The following areas are particularly important when it comes to making sure you get found:

Profile photo

Your photo is absolutely key to making that first impression when visitors click on your profile. Choose a photo that clearly shows your face and that is personable. Like everything else on your profile, you can update this photo as often as you like.

Cover image

If you’re a Premium Member, you can use the cover image at the top of your profile page to add a personal touch. You might want to upload an image that shows what you stand for, or how or where you work. Or perhaps you’ll opt for a punchy marketing message or simply a friendly welcome.

Profile details

This section is important because the entries you make here help you get found by users who share your interests. We can also use these entries to provide you with personal recommendations for jobs, groups, events, etc. that are suited to you.

  • Enter your expertise and skills in keywords under "Skills", or – if you’re a freelancer – your services.
  • Under "Wants" you can indicate (again in keywords) whether you’re currently interested in new projects, for example, or new contacts, professional exchanges with other members, etc.

Tip: We recommend you present yourself here as broadly as possible, with a wide range of relevant keywords describing you or your work, your know-how and skills. This is the most effective way to be found by other users. You may want to include synonyms too for keywords you have already entered.

Professional experience

Enter the individual positions you have held throughout your career here and describe the individual remits of each of these positions in some detail, so as to give profile visitors as comprehensive a picture of you as possible.

Educational background

Here you can enter the university or college you attended. Include details about the subject or subjects you studied to make clear where your areas of expertise lie. You should include any vocational training under your professional experience.

Languages / Qualifications / Awards / Organisations / Interests

Do you speak any foreign languages, or have you acquired specialist qualifications and maybe even received an award for them? This information may be of interest to recruiters and headhunters on XING. Under "Interests" you can include your areas of interest both in a professional context and in relation to your personal hobbies. This lets members get to know you a little better.


The portfolio gives you various opportunities to present yourself professionally on XING with information, texts, images, videos or PDF files (click here to find out more). If, for example, you’re self-employed, you can showcase your products or services here.

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