Information about the temporary German VAT reduction


Is XING passing on this saving to customers?
We’re happy to pass on the VAT reduction to customers in the form of bonus Premium days, rounded up on the basis of their contract terms. Customers receive a code they can use to claim their bonus Premium days.

Am I entitled to a revised invoice?
The German government reduced the rate of VAT in Germany from 1 July to 31 December 2020.
According to this temporary legislation, the reduced 16% VAT rate only applies to invoices for services ending between 1 July and 31 December 2020.
All other invoices will continue to be invoiced at the usual VAT rate of 19%. Invoices or service periods can’t be split up, meaning that the applicable VAT rate covers the invoice’s entire service period.

(Section 13.1(3) of the German VAT Application Decree (UStAE)).

When will I get a revised invoice with 16% VAT?
The temporary change of VAT rate is a major undertaking, and we’re working hard to implement. However, once we’re ready we’ll start sending out revised invoices to customers to whom this applies.

Invoices will be corrected on the last day of the respective service period so we can stagger the revision process. New invoices will be provided in your
invoices section.
There you’ll also find your previous invoices and can see when your service period ends.

How will I receive my bonus days resulting from the reduced 16% VAT rate?
New invoices will be provided in your
invoices section.
Your new invoice will contain a voucher code for a certain number of bonus Premium days based on the service period of your revised invoice.

You can redeem your voucher here:

Your bonus Premium days will be added on to the end of our current membership term. Once your bonus days expire, your contract will continue to run subject to your regular terms or it will end if you cancelled within the required notice period.

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