How do I unsubscribe to the XING newsletter?

How do I unsubscribe to the XING newsletter?

If you don't want to receive newsletters from XING please go to your Notification settings, where you can decide which e-mails from XING are relevant for you. Scroll down to "XING newsletter, e-mail tips and offers by post".

  • To unsubscribe to the weekly newsletter deactivate the option "I'd like to receive a weekly newsletter with my personal statistics (recommended!)".
  • To unsubscribe to the industry newsletter that we send out daily please click on "Unsubscribe notifications" at the bottom of the newsletter itself and then "Unsubscribe".
  • Alternatively you can click here in your Notification settings.
  • Click then in the window that opens in the top right corner on "E-mail settings for Industry Newsletter"
  • Now uncheck the boxes next to the industry or industries listed here.


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