What’s new in the app?


The new app combines new ideas with a fresh design and a network even more about you and achieving your professional goals. We’ve also updated the app’s layout and navigation. Here’s what’s new: 

  • Revised navigation and an improved structure help you find your way around faster.
  • Stories is a new way for you to share photos and video clips about your working life with contacts in a more personalised and creative way than conventional posts. 
  • The XING Guide supports you via chat with ideas and advice all about the next steps in your working life.
  • Topic pages and a vertical news feed are new, offering key information and inspiration about a specific topic. 

    Let us know what you think about the new app – your feedback helps us continue to improve your experience.

The app now has three new menu items: HomeNetworking and You. In the top right-hand corner of the app you’ll always find your Messages and the Search.



Home: Here you can find your contacts’ stories and can share your own stories with your network. You’ll also see what else your contacts post, along with items from your news feeds and matching recommendations.

  • Stories: This is a new way for you to share photos and video clips about your working life. Only direct contacts can see your stories, and they’re only visible for 7 days. This boosts engagement as your contacts can respond by messaging you.
  • From your network: Browse recent posts from your contacts as well as new articles from your news feeds, events, jobs and more.
  • Recommendations: Discover content from news feeds matching your profile details. Content can include news pages, insider articles and posts your contacts liked.
  • Pencil icon: At the bottom right you’ll find a pencil icon you can tap to start a new post that can include text, an image or a link. Unlike stories, regular posts aren’t deleted after 7 days.


Networking: Find out what’s new in your network – see who visited your profile, started a new job, celebrated their birthday, or wants to connect with you. These are all good reasons to get in touch with people again.

  • Contact requests: Respond to contact requests you receive and grow your network.
  • New contacts: See who accepted your contact request and message your new contacts.
  • Birthdays: Your contacts are bound to enjoy receiving a birthday message from you.
  • Job updates: Congratulate your contacts on their new job and find out how they’re getting on.
  • Profile visitors: See who visited your profile and connect with them.


You: This section is all about you. Visit and edit your profile, manage your contacts, and browse responses from your network.

  • View profile: Visit and edit your profile.  
  • Your network: View sent and received contact requests, and browse your contacts. 
  • Your Premium: Access exclusive Premium features in your personal Premium section.
  • Response from your network: See who responds to the content you share.
  • Settings: The gear symbol at the top of the screen takes you to your settings where you can tailor the app to your preferences.


XING Guide: The new guide approaches you from time to time with tips including how to shape your profile, how to find a job, and how to get the most out of XING.

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