Information about the new Messages section on XING.

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Information about the new Messages section on XING.

XING Messages was relaunched in March 2017 as an instant messenger. Aimed at keeping up with the times and in line with the general trend of increasingly faster and more spontaneous communication – especially on mobile end devices. The difference being that on XING you don’t have to share your mobile phone number.

Whether you’re contacting people for the purposes of recruitment, sales or any other matters – the expectation nowadays is a fast and straightforward response without a long delay. This is precisely what the relaunched Messages feature on XING sets out to achieve. As with other well-known messaging services, users can now see straight away

  • Whether a message has been sent successfully.
  • Whether the recipient has already read the sent messages.
  • Whether the chat partner is currently writing a message.

This means that uncertainty over whether a message has even been acknowledged is a thing of the past, avoiding the need to spend time sending out reminder messages.

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