End-to-end encryption of XING messages


Private messages should always be just that - private. That’s why XING always uses SSL encryption to protect your data. Back in 2018 we introduced the option to send end-to-end-encrypted messages via the XING app for iOS and Android. This means that the encrypted chats are encoded on the sender’s device and then decoded on the recipient’s device. With encrypted chats this happens automatically, no matter whether you’re a basic or Premium member. However, hardly anyone used this feature, which is why we’ve decided to discontinue it and shut it down on the 31st of december 2021. If you were one of the few users of this feature, you can of course still read and reply to any end-to-end-encrypted chats.

Where are my end-to-end-encrypted chats?

Encrypted chats are only visible on the end device on which they were sent or received. This means you can only see them in the XING app on the device you used to send and receive encrypted chats. That in turn means you can’t access encrypted chats on other end devices or in your browser. If you change your end device, e.g. due to loss or defects, the encrypted chats on the previous end device will be permanently deleted for security reasons and can’t be transferred or restored to other devices. The same applies if you uninstall the XING app.

We're not happy unless you are.
Hackers are always coming up with something new, which is why we're tireless in our efforts to keep you secure. Our inhouse security team constantly analyses and monitors our entire infrastructure and functionality. On top of that, we also subject our systems to regular external audits performed by renowned security experts. We even try and hack ourselves to make sure we have no loopholes whatsoever.

Sometimes it's good to be strict.
As a Hamburg-based company and a pioneer in German-speaking countries we've always been subject to German privacy law, which is among the most stringent in the world. We also have a whole host of other security measures in place just to be on the safe side.

Want to know more? Here’s some more information for you:

XING always was, is and will continue to be secure. SSL connections have always been available with XING.

Every message you send or receive with end-to-end encryption has a little padlock symbol next to the timestamp.

You can only view encrypted chats on mobile end devices as they communicate directly with one another. This is also why you can only use a single device for encrypted chats at a time, even if you're logged in to XING on multiple mobile devices.

It's our responsibility to safeguard your data. We go to great lengths to make sure your data stays safe and secure:

- Intensive system audits
- Regular exchanges on a national and international level
- Cooperations with expert partners

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