Create or leave a group chat


Follow these steps to create a group chat with up to 100 participants (including you):

  1. Press the pencil icon (New) under Messages. (*)
  2. Select those members you’d like to add to the chat. They must be confirmed contacts of yours. (**)
  3. You can now write the first message to everyone in the chat.

All participants can add additional contacts to the group chat, as long as the maximum number of 100 people hasn’t yet been reached. Please note the every contact in the chat can see all the other participants and their messages.

To leave a group chat simply delete it from your messages. You won’t be able to participate in any further conversation after that. It isn’t possible to remove another participant. He needs to leave the conversation himself.

(*In the Android or iOS app you can press the pencil icon and choose New group chat. **After selecting your contacts press Create)

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