End-to-end encryption of XING messages


With the latest version of the XING app for iOS and Android you can now send messages to other XING members with end-to-end encryption. This means that the content of encrypted chats are coded on the sender’s device and decoded again on the recipient’s device. We are therefore able to offer, as well as the general SSL-encrypted data transmission on XING, an additional feature for maximum data security.

How to create an encrypted chat:

  1. Under Messages in the XING app tap on the pencil icon and choose the option Encrypted chat.
  2. Select the person you want to chat to. Note that you can only select people who are using the latest version of the XING app.
  3. The encrypted chat is created and can be used. This is indicated by the padlock symbol.

You can also verify the recipient. For this you need to be in the same place so that you can both scan a QR code.

  1. Open the message, tap on Details (iOS) or the Menu button with the three dots (Android) – both top right.
  2. Tap on Confirm security.
  3. You will now each see a QR code on your device, which you can each scan for mutual verification.

Please note:

Encrypted chats are only visible on the end device on which they have been sent or received. You cannot therefore see these chats on any other end devices or in your browser. If you change your end device (e.g. if it is lost or faulty), the encrypted chats on the previous end device will be irrevocably deleted for security reasons and cannot be transferred to or reproduced on other devices. The same applies if the XING app is uninstalled. As soon as you use another device to hold an encrypted conversation, you will be asked if you now wish to use the new device for your future encrypted chats. Confirm this with your XING password, and your messages will be deleted from your previous device. In addition, your chat partner should be informed of your change of device – all to aid security. After changing your device you may also need to verify yourself again.

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