What are the benefits of the new homepage?


In december 2017 we introduced a new homepage design for our members. First we launched it for our mobile apps for iOS and Android. For those already using the new home page, the old design is no longer available.

The new homepage is designed to help get a clearer overview of the new in your personal network and from other news sources. Whereas news was organised up to now by subject and in chronological order, you can now access relevant news quicker and more effectively in the three sections Contact updates, News and groups and Jobs and careers. Excessive scrolling and long searches are now a thing of the past. A selection of content is shown in each section, which you can scroll through horizontally, getting you quickly up to speed on the most important 15 updates and news items. If you’d like to see all updates in a section in the usual chronological order, simple press More.

You will find the following content in each section:

  • Contact updates includes all news from members in your contact list. You will find all the latest updates in your network here such as new job positions, new contact details, and other changes your contacts have made to their profile.   
  • News and groups features articles published by news sites, press agencies or insiders you follow, as well as new articles in your groups.
  • Jobs and careers gives you fast access to relevant articles published by news sites, press agencies or insiders you follow, in addition to new job listings and company events.

Each section also features recommendations for new contacts or content you might want to follow.

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