How do I let contacts know about changes to my profile?


If you make changes to your profile, you can have your contacts automatically informed about important changes. If you change your employer, your contact details or add something to your "Skills" or "Wants", this generates a news story on the homepage. Your contacts immediately can see if something important is happening on your profile. If you don't want that, just change the settings:

1. Go to your "Privacy settings".

2. In the section Your activity go to Network News Updates. Here you can control in detail whether or not contacts are informed on their homepage whenever you change or update certain information in your profile.

Please note: The advantage here is that your contacts will be able to see straight away if, for instance, you change your business mobile number. If you’re making lots of changes you might want to consider deactivating these settings temporarily so that your contacts don’t receive too many notifications all at once.

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