What are groups on XING and what's their purpose?


Meet people interested in the same things as you

Groups on XING are communities made up of like-minded people. They can be people in the same industry or field of work as you who are looking to share and broaden their expertise. They can also be people with the same hobbies or interests as you, or they may simply live in the same place as you.

Official XING Groups

There are four different types of Official XING Groups:

  1. XING Community: This is the first port of call for anyone with a question, feedback or comments about XING. But you can of course also use our contact form.
  2. Regional groups: These are groups run by Regional Ambassadors where people can network with others from the same town or region.
  3. Industry groups: These are groups run by Industry Ambassadors, i.e. proven experts in a certain industry.
  4. Topic groups: These are groups enabling you to discuss tomorrow’s working world. They are moderated by our Topic Ambassadors.
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