What are groups on XING?


XING groups are all about building communities where members connect with each other and exchange views on a topic of interest. Check it out and create a group.

There are two group types on XING: Local groups and online groups



Local groups

Local groups focus on meeting each other in person, getting to know new people from the community and growing a network, learning something new during inspiring talks or just having fun together.

People join local groups to

  • meet new people
  • talk to other community members and experts in person
  • listen to inspiring talks and make new contacts
  • have a stage where they present themselves



Online groups

Online groups focus on chatting online about a certain topic, starting or participating in discussions, asking questions or just getting the latest news - all online.

People join online groups to

  • stay up-to-date on a certain topic
  • connect with others who are also into this field
  • have a stage where they can share their knowledge


Both group types provide the same features, like events, chat, invitations, moderator info, etc. but online groups put the online interaction at the center of attention while local groups focus on events and offline interaction.


Please note: You can't change the group type yourself. Please get in touch with the Customer Service via the contact form if you want to have it changed.

FAQ ID: 67937