Tips for a successful local group

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Tips for a successful local group

Create your own local group for free and reach the right people on XING - the largest online business network in German-speaking countries. It's ideal to get to know new people, drive your topic forward and connect with some interesting people in real life.


We want to support you with that. Therefore, we'll help you find members and promote your events.


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1. How to highlight your local group

Without a logo, some welcoming words and an upcoming event, every group looks a little abandoned and inactive. Add some information and images to your group to make it more attractive:

  • Upload a logo. E.g. an image of one of your previous events.
  • Use our default logo in case you don't have an image yet. But keep it in mind and think of a good motif when you shoot pictures during your first event.
  • Introduce your group in the "About" section and describe what it's about, who can join and where your events take place.
  • Don't forget to add images, e.g. images of past events, your event location or your group topic. They'll give your visitors a first impression of your group and the atmosphere at your events. You can also introduce yourself and add a picture of yourself.
  • Set up your first event right away. You might want to organise a get-to-know-event to bring everyone together. It will make your group look more appealing to your visitors and they'll see that you're already doing events. If you don't have too many members at the beginning you can even ask them directly where and when to set up a meet-up. They'll feel addressed and will be more likely to actually show up.


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2. How to nudge people to join your group

At the beginning your group will have no members. But you'll easily find some:

  • Reach out to your friends, colleagues and contacts via message on XING and invite them to join your group or attend your meet-ups.
  • Ask your group members to bring their friends and colleagues and invite them to the group.
  • Organise as many events as possible - especially at the beginning. Because every person who joins the guest list is likely to join your group as well. The more events you organise, the more members you'll get.


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3. How to set up your first event

Your community is growing. And your events are inspiring and connect people in real life - good planning will do the rest:

Where do your meet-ups take place? Think of...

  • Number of attendees
  • Special equipment, e.g. internet, hotspots, chairs, tables, etc.
  • Accessibility (Don't forget clear signage)
  • Barrier-free buildings

When do your meet-ups take place?

  • On weekdays - easier for commuters
  • On weekends - for special Events or activities
  • Before work/ during lunch breaks/ after work, depending on your members obligations
  • Regularly, e.g. every third Thursday of each month

What do you want to do?

  • Do you need a stage for your speakers?
  • Do you need additional equipment, e.g. a projector, microphone, sound system, etc.?
  • Do you offer snacks and drinks during the event or a welcome drink at the beginning?
  • Do you need anything else, e.g. pen and paper or decoration?

What about the atmosphere?

  • A "weekly table" where members meet regularly to talk about your topic might be better suited to a bar or a pub rather than a fancy restaurant.
  • An empty room with chairs seems enough for a presentation but your participants might feel uncomfortable.

Don't forget to invite people to attend your event!

  • Click on "Promote" on your event page on XING and select "Invite contacts and groups". Select your local group in the search bar and "Select all" to invite all group members with a nice message. You can also invite past attendees of previous group events, your contacts or event page visitors.
  • You can also send a "Moderator News" to highlight your event. Just check the box "Moderator News" under the group post you're about to write and all group members will receive an e-mail.
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4. How to promote your local group

We'll recommend your local group. If it fits them, we'll show it to XING members in their news feed, a weekly newsletter or another e-mail. You can also promote your group:

  • Share your group's URL on XING, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and wherever you suspect potential members.
  • Choose an apt Instragram hashtag and ask your group members to use it when sharing images of your group events.
  • Share your group, e.g. in forums or in comments on blogs or under articles that address your topic.
  • Search for other groups, blogs or newsletters, that match your needs and ask the people responsible for it to recommend your group.
  • Don't forget to promote your group in analogue form as well, e.g. by handing out flyers at coworking spaces or offices or at other events. Please make sure you ask before doing so.


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One last thought...

Everyone should feel comfortable at your events. You too! After creating a local group, people still don't know about it. Therefore, there won't be many participants at your first events. Don't be discouraged! It's completely normal. New members and potential participants might be restrained at the beginning.

Help them by describing what you want to do during your meet-ups and plan for some time to get to know each other during every event.

Are you ready?

A local group is a wonderful place to learn new things, meet new people and inspire each other. Have fun!

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