Managing group members and moderators


As a moderator, you can manage various different things relating to members in your group by clicking on the Group members tab. You can:

  • View members with a specific membership status (e.g. moderators, membership requests, blocked or excluded members) and change their status.
  • Sort the list in alphabetical order or by newest or oldest members.
  • Assign categories to members to better manage them. With Professional Groups you can, for example, send Moderator News by e-mail to members of certain categories only.

You can edit the status of a group member as follows:

  • In the navigation bar for your group, click on the Group members tab.
  • Now select the member whose status you want to edit. You can either use the search function, for example, to search for a name or filter the list by member status (e.g. to display the moderators only). If you’ve already assigned categories to members, you can simply apply the assigned category to view different subgroups of members at a glance.

To change a member’s status, click on the small arrow symbol to the right of the respective member in the list. The following options are available to you in the menu that appears:

  • Block this user* / Unblock this user
  • Remove from group** / Reinstate membership
  • Appoint as moderator / Remove moderator status (only visible to the main moderator)

* Blocked members can still read posts in the group but can no longer write their own posts or comments. **Excluded members can no longer read forum posts.

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