How to find participants for your local group event

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How to find participants for your local group event

When starting off with a new local group you should aim to do some events in a row. Because your events provide people with memorable experiences that make them more likely to join your group.


But where to find participants for your events?

Just invite all your personal contacts and the members of your local group:

  • Invite contacts and groups by clicking "Promote" on your event page on XING. Select your local group and press "Select all" to invite all members of that group. You can also choose to invite past event attendees of your group, your personal contacts or visitors of your event page.
Invite contacts and groups
Select your local group in the dropdown
Klick "Select all" to invite all group members
  • You can ask your members if they want to invite their own friends and colleagues in your personal invitation message.
Invite your group members with a nice personal message

Don't forget to remind them of your event:

  • With moderator news you can highlight your event once again. All group members will receive an e-mail with your message. Just check Moderator News while writing a post in your local group. And don't forget to link to your event page.
Write a grou post and highlight it as moderator news

Good luck with your local group events!

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