How do I edit the forums?

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How do I edit the forums?

Follow these steps to add a new forum or reorganise, rename or delete an existing one in the group you moderate:

  • Click on pencil symbol next to the list of forums to enter the edit mode. 
  • In this mode you can overwrite the name of a forum.
  • You can then drag and drop the individual forums in the list with your mouse to alter the order.
  • To create a new forum, simply enter the name in the field "create new forum" and click the save button. (*)
  • If you want to delete a forum, click on the minus symbol to the right of it and confirm the deletion. If the forum contains posts, you have the choice to move or permanently delete them.

(*You can create up to 10 forums per group. In a professional group there is no limit for the amount of forums.)

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