Code of conduct for moderators

  1. Moderators are aware of and respect XING's General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

    Responsibilities: Moderators are (always) the point of contact in the event of a violation of the code of conduct and extensions to individual rules for specific groups.

    In the event of arguments, attempts should be made to clarify them on a personal level. XING will not mediate or discuss personal conflicts arising between moderators and members. Moderators are at liberty to introduce more rules in addition to this code of conduct and the GTC. If a moderator does so, they are required to let members know about these additional rules in advance.

  2. Moderators are prohibited from receiving any form of remuneration from members. XING Ambassadors are however permitted to provide their moderator services (e.g. Moderator News) and up to 10% of the "About this group" section as advertising space or use said to present sponsors and partners. In individual cases, XING reserves the right to check and reject content. Groups are not the moderator's property and cannot be sold by said person.

  3. Moderators are required to immediately delete any group posts that violate the GTC or individual group rules. If the discussion deviates too far from the original post or thread, moderators are at liberty to choose whether to move or close a thread. XING reserves the right to delete single or several posts and/or comments, e.g. crossposting which involves posting the same content in several different groups. There may be no discussion as to the validity of deleting comments.

  4. Moderators assume an active role in the group they moderate. In the event of prolonged lack of activity on the part of the moderator, XING reserves the right to close the group or appoint someone else as moderator. Any conflicts between members will generally be handled by moderators without the involvement of XING.

  5. Moderators are not required to tolerate persistent inappropriate behaviour directed at themselves or the group. Members can be warned or banned from groups. Warnings and bans are not made public.

  6. Image rights guidelines for XING Groups:
    • As a XING Groups user, you are solely responsible when posting images. Always make sure you observe third-party rights and are permitted to post an image because you created it yourself, have been granted utilisation rights by the creator, or are sure that it is a freely available work. Also make sure you always state the source or creator of any image material you use.

    • Should you come across a violation of your image material in a group, please contact the XING team via the contact form and also submit your proof of copyright. We'll then look into the issue on your behalf.

    • As a group moderator you're not responsible for the content (including image material) of posts in your group. Should a member report a copyright violation to you, please check whether the violation is indeed unlawful and, if it is, remove the content. If you're unsure about any of this, feel free to contact the XING team via the contact form.

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