Categorising group members


If you’re a moderator, you can assign categories to as many members of your group as you like under the Group members tab. You can then filter your list of members according to these categories, enabling you to manage it more efficiently.

To assign a category to a member, simply click on the small grey plus sign below the member’s name. You can then either select an existing category or enter a new one. You can assign any number of categories to a particular member. This makes categories more flexible than if you were to organise members using a classic folder system.

The list of existing categories is shown to the right of the list of group members under Tags. Simply click on a category to view all members assigned to that category.

Click Edit to rename or delete a category. You will then be able to delete categories completely by clicking on the cross symbol. To rename a category, click on it and then overwrite the existing name. If you want to merge two categories, simply enter the same name for both and then press confirm.

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