What are events?


Events are organised for XING members by XING members. Every member can organise and attend events on XING. There are different types of events:

  • Public events: These are open to all XING members. An invitation is not necessary. You can invite XING members in your personal network or in groups you moderate. You can also invite people who aren't XING members if you know their e-mail address.
  • Private events: The guest list is limited to those individuals invited by the event organiser. This may include people who are not members of XING. A private event is visible on XING only to those who have been invited.
  • Group events: These events are organised by a group moderator and are open to group members. Group events can be made public or private.

Please note: As an event organiser you can also choose whether or not you want to offer tickets.

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