What are event collections?


As an event organiser you have the option of clustering events together into a group collection if they form part of a series (e.g. a series of seminars) or the same event is taking place repeatedly in different locations. This is then shown on the page for the particular event under Event collections. Users are also shown in their event recommendations whether or not an event is part of an event collection.

How to you create and edit an event collection:

  1. Click on Events in the left-hand navigation, then select the For organisers tab and click on Event collections.
  2. Press the Create event collection button, enter the name and a short description of the collection, then press Save.
  3. If you then move the mouse over the saved collection, various symbols will appear: you can edit the name and description (pen icon), delete the collection (x icon) or adjust the visibility (eye icon).

How to add events to an event collection:

  1. Go to the page for an event and then select Event collections.
  2. Click on Add event to collections. You can now either add the event to an existing collection or create a whole new collection.
  3. It is also possible to do this by clicking the For organisers tab. Then click on More under the respective event and a dropdown menu will appear with an Event collections option.

To delete a collection go to For organisers > Event collections and click on the collection in question. Move your mouse over the event and remove it by pressing the “x” symbol in the top right corner.

FAQ ID: 67581