Organise an event


Click on Events then on Organise an event.

1. Select the type of event: Event Plus or basic event.

2. Whichever type you choose, you'll then have to enter the details of your event. The required fields are:

  • Event title
  • Start and end date
  • Event type
  • Short event description
  • Where is the event venue?

Hint 1: Always fill in as much information as possible, such as event description, schedule, registration deadline, visibility or tickets.

3. Post event or safe as a draft.

Please note: Once you’ve posted your event you can still make changes to your event details.

4. After posting your event you can invite guests:

  • Invite contacts and groups under promote in the menu or send invitations in the tab guest list.
  • If you’re a group moderator you can add group members to the guest list, either all at once or using your tags.
  • Add individuals and target groups searching by name, position, company or city.

Inviting guests is optional. You can also just create an event and then invite guests at a later stage.

Hint 2: You can always review your event page under Preview. Check how it looks like for people who visit your event page.


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