Is my ticket transferable?


If you’ve acquired a personalised ticket through XING Events it is possible to transfer it to another person, subject to permission from the organiser. To check this and edit the details on the ticket, please proceed as follows:

  1. Click on events in the left-hand navigation and then select your events.
  2. Now click on the event you want to transfer your ticket or tickets for.
  3. Your tickets and the corresponding invoice are shown under your attendance on the event page. You can download them here.
  4. Under your payment details you will find a pencil icon to the right of your ticket number. Click on it.
  5. If the organiser allows the transfer of tickets, an entry field will appear. Change all ticket details and press save.

Please note: After successfully changing the details on your ticket(s), don’t forget to download them again.  

If you can’t find the event under your events, or the your attendance section isn’t visible on your event page, please contact


FAQ ID: 67580