The most important facts about the discontinuation of XING EventManager and XING EventMarket


XING EventMarket was closed on 11 January  2023. XING EventManager was discontinued on 31 March 2023. In each case, organisers were able to use all functions in full until then. For more information, please continue reading.

If there was an event page on XING for these events, it was already removed from the platform in January.

In EventManager, these events continued to run as usual until 31 March 2023, including registration, sales and payment processing. Since 1 April 2023, the ticket store has also been closed and there is no longer active access to the user interface. Therefore, you had to download and save all data by 31 March 2023 at the latest and select a new provider∙in which you will continue to process the respective event.

One more note: As usual, you will receive your organizer statement for the month of April 2023 by email at the beginning of May 2023.

You could download your attendees’ data from EventManager. Please talk to the respective new provider in order to migrate the data.

Until 21 April 2023 any transaction will be converted. Any outstanding invoices purchased after 1 January 2023 will be cancelled from Event Manager as of 29 April.

Until 21 April 2023 all transactions were still implemented. It follows that in May 2023, the last settlement of XING Events will be sent to event organizers.

You place an ad on XING as usual with appropriate targeting, but you link to a page outside of XING that presents your event. If you have any questions, please contact You can also find more advertising options here.

You can continue to place ads on XING to promote your events or other products/services.

The credit will not be refunded. You can still place ads on XING to promote your events. You can then link these ads to an event page outside of XING.



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